‘When love blossoms’ is our latest customised piece. Our customer Janet could not bear to part with this true blue New Zealand style dresser while getting her mums place ready to settle her into a much smaller retirement unit. Janet grew up with this dresser and associates fond memories with it. It was her idea to adorn it with cherry blossoms to honour her Japanese heritage. Having a Kiwi Dad and a Japanese mum makes this piece so adorable because it unites two different cultures and at the same time it keeps the family history alive.
Thank you Janet for rescuing this lovely piece and for trusting us enough to make this dresser ‘ fresh as a cherry blossom’ 🌸🙏

Body painted in Spanish White and drawer fronts sanded back to bare wood and sealed with a water based matt vanish. The drawer fronts and drawer dividers are hand painted in a cherry blossom pattern to hide the bore holes of the forma double screw handles , now with customised single hole handles to give a 3D effect.

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