Re-cycle furniture

Byebyelove was started by Heike and Jeanine. These two creative women made it their business to rescue ‘sleeping beauties’ waiting in garages, storage units or forgotten corners of the house to be kissed awake. Those items came from an era when furniture was made with loving care, precision and solid bones. These pieces deserve the opportunity to shine again. Often they’ve survived a century with barely any wear and will do it again with a little bit of care and know-how.


These two individuals certainly can’t spin straw into gold, but they can turn just about anything into something useful and beautiful, and they don’t stop at furniture. Here you will find the unusual, the unique, the clever, the wacky, the beautiful, the redesigned, the repurposed, the re-loved, all recreated as one-of-a-kind pieces.

Repair and redesign

In their workshop, in Torbay, they can tackle the bigger or more complicated furniture and with a showroom in Long Bay nearby it is easy for the customer to either view or pick up existing pieces, or deliver commission pieces for a revamp.


Byebyelove has established good contacts throughout the country, which makes it possible to source any special requests in a relatively short timespan.

Design service

They are happy to guide you through the design process for the indecisive or follow exact specifications. Finding you just a single piece or a complete house lot, these two ladies can do magic.


They love their goods that much that they are sad to see them go… hence their name choice ‘Byebyelove’!


Byebyelove also offers delivery or pick up in the greater Auckland areas by arrangement.  Often a truckload will also go to other areas, so if you are not in a hurry there is now a chance that you can purchase Byebyelove’s furniture nationwide.

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