IMG_5944,Family First‘

just finished this commission piece for a young dynamic family which wanted to create their own heirloom .
With a bit of creative planing we managed to hide the multitude of sins and voila, a -Brand New-Heirloom for a lovely family to treasure for a few more decades.
Thanks Fiona for letting us run wild with this.
A second hand extension table witch displayed clear signs of rough living was our subject with the brief to keep as much wood exposed as possible. Not such an easy task considering that vast areas of the table top was veneered only and had extensive damage in many areas. The extension leafs also had different shades to the table top because they had different times being exposed to light over the span of several decades.Painted in Resene Space Cote custom coloured to match the soft furnishings, hand painted with Resene black Space Cote and finished with a low sheen water born coat of vanish.

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