This beautiful solid Rimu tallboy could be our next project, designed specially for you!
Get in contact to tell us, what you want us to do with it!
Could be a new ‘Blumenfeld’, ‘When love blossoms’ `Leaves’, ‘Fresh’ or ‘Leaf’
Possibilities are endless, you give us the task!

Measurements: h 1020mm, w 655mm, d 420mm


  1. I am interested in this as I feel my soon to be 16 year old needs a chest of drawers.. how much would it be to up cycled? I would want a modern look, not too fussy with Brass handles. I could take photos of his room for inspiration but first want to have an idea of cost. We live in Auckland.


    1. Hi Kerry
      As a ball part figure it will be about $800 to restore a set of drawers! Of course it depends entirely integrate your design choices are! If you have pictures from your sons room, that would e great! Let us know
      Cheers Heike and Jeanine


  2. Kia ora – these drawers are beautiful. Please contact with approximate cost for a charcoal exterior with natural wood drawers and delivery to Nelson.


    1. Hi Raya, this Rimu drawer, with a charcoal body and handles, without any drawing for the front will be $700. This beautiful piece of furniture is in excellent condition. Delivery to Nelson will be about $200. Let us know what you think. Thanks Jeanine and Heike


      1. Thank you. Can you please confirm the height? I have just realised that is is only approximately 1m tall which is too low 😥


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