We would like to share the story of this beautiful commission piece❣️

This bookshelf came to us without any doors and a bit worse for wear therefore our customer approach to us to create a surprise for his wife Katie which is a great fan of our furniture to redesign this cabinet (and a drinks cabinet). We had visited the customers home and knew exactly what colours would look best with the surrounding but a design can be so personal… the plan was for him to try to find out which design she likes the most.After Katie rattled off a very long and loved list of byebyelove’s offspring hubby was a bit overwhelmed and did the right thing and told her about his surprise and therefore consulted with the wife.
It took not that long to extract what was important to both of them and so we came up with a design that would suit the cabinet, the interior of the room it was placed in and taking in consideration how to incorporate a design to hide its imperfections and repaired areas.
Katie and James now have a beautiful cabinet with a modern design exactly how they wanted it and at the same time it retained its integrity of a gone by era but most important, also its family history, attachments and fond memories. A very meaningful gift to a loved one which fits perfectly into their home and interior.Well done James and Katie 👏

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  1. Hi this looks beautiful. Out of interest were the sliding doors glass? If so what a stunning way to make this a more closed off storage unit.


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