We found a similar piece like this, and it is ready for your design choices. If you are interested, tell us what you want us to do with it.

This piece was sold for $1.800


  1. Hey! What are the dimensions for this? Also are you making any soon with a similar pattern but in a lighter would around the edges (rather than black). Thank you!


    1. Hi there, the Measurements are: L 1800mm H 750mm D 450mm. If you have a look on our website under ‘sleeping beauties’ you can find a similar piece, with these measurements. Our pieces are customised so you can choose colours and design. We are happy to follow your dream…. Let us know…. Thanks Heike and Jeanine


  2. Hi there, are there pictures available of inside? Just curious how it opens and shelves/ drawers as can’t quite make it out in the photos .Thanks!


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